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Fair Seas survey reports Irish people's personal connection to the sea, calls for more protections

The Fair Seas project, which campaigns for greater marine protection, recently carried out an online survey to learn about the connection that people in Ireland have to the sea.

Two people walk on a sandy beach with rocks in the foreground and a bright blue sea and sky

The survey of over 1,000 people over the age of eighteen in Ireland found that the vast majority of people claim to have a personal connection with the sea. Almost two-thirds of those surveyed said they have some emotional connection with the sea, while 70% have some kind of functional relationship (e.g. they go walking by the sea or live by the sea).

Across Ireland, there seems to be modest familiarity with Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), with one third saying they know what an MPA is. Less than one-in-ten seem confident in knowing what they are. Three quarters understand the importance of healthy and protected seas in reducing climate change.

Encouragingly, there are very high levels of support for greater protection of our seas - 78% of people say they would support greater legal protections for the sea and 78% would also support a campaign for greater marine protection, like that of Fair Seas.

You can read more key findings of the Fair Seas survey HERE.

In summer 2022 Fair Seas scientists intend to publish a report on where MPAs should be located in Irish waters and will be calling on the government to engage with the scientific information and ocean stakeholders across Ireland to bring in a network of effective and well managed MPAs.

You can now sign up for the Fair Seas newsletter to keep up to date with their work and campaign to help Ireland meet its commitment of 30X30. You can also follow the campaign on: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube

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