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Natural Capital Symposium in US will focus on mainstreaming the approach in policy and investment

Our colleagues at Stanford University, Natural Capital Project, are hosting a major event this summer with a focus on mainstreaming the natural capital approach in policy and investment decisions. Registration is now open.

Poster for symposium with logo and title, Éarly Bird Refistration' and image of blonde woman speaking at podium in front of a crowd, pot plants in the background

This year's Natural Capital Symposium on June 4-7, 2024, will feature advances in science, policy, finance, and socio-cultural pathways toward a green future with leaders from government, multilateral development finance, the private sector, research institutions, and civil society in engaging and interactive sessions on successes in research, data, tools, and practice.

Topics will include incorporating natural capital assessments and accounting in national-scale policies, environmental justice and inclusion, development and application of Gross Ecosystem Product, innovations in results-based financing and nature-health connections, with speakers including natural capital pioneer Gretchen Daily.

Read more on the preliminary agenda, and go to the event webpage to book.

Book by April 15th, 2024 for an earlybird rate.

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