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Peatlands Gathering messages at the COP26 Peatland Pavilion

The Peatlands Gathering Team is coordinating a session at the UNEP Peatlands Pavilion at Cop26 global conference in Glasgow to highlight the values of Irish peatlands and deliver some of the messages discussed at our Peatlands Gathering 2021 event held in recent weeks. You can also access the Conference Report & recordings now.

Peatlands Gathering featured varied contributions from the peatlands community of Ireland and around the world, including those actively involved in farming and conservation of peatlands, with scientific understanding of greenhouse gas emissions and water management, rehabilitation and restoration of degraded peatlands, community stewardship and cultural aspects.

Subtitled ‘A New Beginning’, the packed event consisted of two days of online presentations and discussions and one day of field trips to Irish bogs from October 7-9. The opening address was given by Minister of State for Heritage Malcolm Noonan TD, while Minister of State for Land-Use and Biodiversity Senator Pippa Hackett joined us for closing discussion on Day 2. You can access the conference report with key messages here and find recordings of the event sessions here.

Our Peatlands Gathering Cop26 session will be held on Wednesday, November 10, 9am-10.30am. Ministers Noonan and Hackett will be participating in events alongside Chair of the JOC Climate Action Deputy Brian Leddin – you can view the full programme here.

Conference delegates will be offered free access to the Peatland Pavilion online, however sessions are due to be recorded and made available through after the event.

For more information, please contact and see

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