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Value Accounting Network aims to bring the standard NCA methods together

A new network has been established to bring together the various methods of accounting being developed for natural capital accounting - the Value Accounting Network

Sunset by hills, lake and forest
Forest sunset ... Photo by Matthew Meijer via Unsplash

Capitals Coalition has convened the Value Accounting Network to advance the use of value accounting in decision-making i.e 'the collection, calibration, and use of information about the relative value that an organisation creates or erodes for its stakeholders, using common units. This information is used when making decisions for a variety of purposes'.

Following efforts by several groups and individuals to find standardised approaches for this, a number of internationally accepted frameworks have been developed such as the Natural Capital Protocol and the Social & Human Capital Protocol, Social Value International’s framework, and the System of Economic Environmental Accounting (SEEA).

Recognising that it can "be overwhelming to be confronted with so many different approaches, and that is not always easy to understand the ways in which they connect, complement and support one another", the leaders of these initiatives now come together as part of the collaborative Value Accounting Network.

Members including IDEEA Group who developed the SEEA system espoused by NCI have issued a joint statement on the network which you can read here.

And you can read more about the thinking behind the Value Accounting Network by visiting the Capitals Coalition site here.

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