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Values Commission seeks input to co-design global capital value factors

The Value Commission is launching a public consultation for the co-design and development of transparent global criteria for the creation and use of value factors for natural, social, produced and human capital.

The Value Commission is a three-year collaborative project, hosted by Capitals Coalition, that brings together commissioners from around the world, including our INCASE colleague Carl Obst of IDEEA Group, to drive transparency and accountability across the application and use of value factors.

'Value factors' are used by businesses for the measurement of the flow of services that come from natural, social, human and produced capital, and to interpret that information across their operations for insights on their impacts and dependencies. This enables them to figure out if value is likely to be created or eroded based on their decisions, and by how much, for example the social cost per tonne of carbon emitted in relation to health etc.

The Capitals Coalition is seeking public comment to harmonise how these value factors are used and applied.

Find out more about the workings of the Value Commission HERE.

Please provide feedback by 20 October 2023:

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