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WEBINAR: Catch Jane Stout at Promote Pollinators Event for World Bee Day, May 20, 2020

Fluffy orange and black bee sucking from pale purple clover blossom
Bombus pratorum male bee having a drink from chive flower in the morning sun

IFNC Director Jane Stout is among the featured speakers at a special World Bee Day webinar organised by multiple-country coalition Promote Pollinators taking place on Wednesday, May 20th, 2020, in collaboration with the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and Leiden Biodiversity Center Naturalis.

Aiming to share relevant knowledge and increase awareness on the topic of pollinator protection, the webinar will focus on the development of effective policy based on scientific studies to protect pollinators and their habitat, in a 1.5-hr event including the following speakers:

  • Jane Stout, co-founder of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan: Five years later: what we have learned from the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

  • Lorna Cole, Agricultural Ecologist at Scotland’s Rural College: evaluation of protective measures in agricultural landscapes

  • Arjen de Groot, Wageningen University: the key success factors for pollinator initiatives

  • Vujadin Kovacevic, coordinator of the EU pollinator strategy: The EU monitoring scheme

  • Koos Biesmeijer, Scientific director of Naturalis Biodiversity Center at Leiden, Netherlands: regional collaboration for biodiversity recovery.

Date: May 20, 2020

Time: Live at 17:00 GMT

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