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Policy Working Group explained: 

Summary of NCI's Policy Working Group (PWG) structure:


Remit of PWG:

  • To respond to public consultations (from government, local authorities, agencies, etc.)

  • To bring the natural capital approach to the forefront of the national conversation

  • To show policy makers how effectively the natural capital approach can be, in revealing the range of benefits, and costs, involved in each policy

  • To show how the natural capital approach is vital to creating a common metric across policy areas hitherto confined in silos, and thus harmonise policies across all areas in the interests of true and measurable sustainability.

Public consultations


  • The PWG meets monthly to discuss upcoming/ongoing public consultations

  • Since the NCI PWG formation in 2021, we have submitted an average of 10 responses per annum

  • All of our responses to public consultations can be found here

Response types

  • Short rapid general responses to public consultations to highlight the importance of the natural capital approach in a policy, based on templates we have developed.

  • Detailed response to specific areas of a public consultation document showing where the natural capital approach should be incorporated within that policy document and addressing the need for the natural capital approach to be embedded in all policy going forward.

Criteria for selection:

  • Must meet elements of NCI’s strategic plan.

  • Consideration given to the potential impact and the public profile of a public consultation

  • While all policies can benefit from the natural capital approach, the PWG selects those where we can demonstrate this most effectively.

How we write submissions:

  • The PWG drafts submissions with input from experts from the NCI Steering Committee and further afield if additional expertise is needed.

  • The final draft document is sent for review and comment to the PWG members and those who inputted into the response.

  • Once submitted, a copy of the response is uploaded to the NCI website.

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