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Assessment of Biodiversity Measurement for Approaches for Business and Financial Institutions report

The EU Business @ Biodiversity Platform started a critical and constructive assessment of a sample of biodiversity measurement approaches developed for or by businesses and financial institutions in 2018, with a focus on identifying common ground among approaches and has recently issued the first results of its second update on the report. (The Update 1 Report is available here.)

The report is based on analysis of 12 biodiversity measurement approaches, both technical workshops by the Aligning Biodiversity Measures for Business and feedback from the discussions during the European Business and Nature Summit in Madrid in November 2019. One result is the classification of approaches according to the type of business applications they can support, which might ultimately result in a decision tree allowing users to select the most suitable biodiversity tools and metrics for their specific needs and management decisions they wish to inform. This mapping overview is a condensed version of an extensive mapping exercise.

The report is a partnership with the ABMB, a collaboration of over 20 organisations with expertise in corporate biodiversity measurement approaches initiative, and it's led by the UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) with support from the Boticario Group Foundation. Read more here.

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