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EU issues new guidance documents on 'working with nature to resolve societal challenges'

THE European Commission has published two guidance documents on working with nature to resolve urgent societal challenges and implementing the Commission’s action plan for nature, people and the economy.

These new tools are intended to help planners, policymakers and businesses solve socio-economic challenges, while also protecting and restoring Europe's nature.

The EU Guidance document on 'integrating ecosystems and their services in decision-making' (part 1part 2part 3) highlights the range of benefits that flow from nature, and ways to take better account of these benefits in policy, planning and business investment decisions. There is a section relevant to Natural Capital and business in particular - see Chapter 6 in Part 2, P95. Also the EU Guidance document on strategic EU level green and blue infrastructure defines criteria, and available technical and financial support instruments that can help planners to integrate natural landscape features into strategic "green and blue infrastructure".

These new guidance documents should serve as an important reference point to developing future policy initiatives.

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