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GALLERY: Your #ViralNature photos, Summer 2020 Edition

We've put together a colourful gallery of the vibrant wildlife snaps gathered by our members over the summer months - blooms, butterflies, bees, more pollinators and all sorts of critters, frogs, even a baby owl! Share with us on social media with the hashtag #ViralNature

Many thanks to our wildlife spotters: @MeathClimate @seewilkie Frankie Smith @TomHealyDublin @JaneCStout @orlaithdelargy @Nialltryan1 Dawn Tallon @irishboglife @Nature_West @theRiverField

Please send us more of your snaps from the summer - and some shades of autumn fruitfulness for our next gallery via Twitter or Linkedin - tag us with #ViralNature or #ValueNature

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