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Invitation to tender: Development of Strategic Plan 2023-2026 to direct Natural Capital Ireland

The Board of Natural Capital Ireland (NCI) invites tender submissions to prepare a Strategic Plan for our not-for-profit organisation for the period 2023–2026. (Now closed)

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We wish to engage the services of a consultant to guide us through the process of preparing the Strategic Plan. The final deliverable will include a Strategic Plan ready for publication as well as supporting documentation, to include a stakeholder review and competitive landscape review.

Natural Capital Ireland (NCI) is a diverse group of organisations and individuals from academic, public, private and NGO sectors interested in the development and application of the natural capital approach in Ireland. It is structured as a Company Limited by Guarantee, governed by a Board, supported by a Steering Committee and administered by a Secretariat. Our mission is to value, protect and restore Ireland’s natural capital and ecosystem services.

The Strategic Plan will guide the work of NCI for up to the next 4 years. The Plan will be broken into key themes, with NCI’s current key themes outlined below:

• Funding and governance (how we operate NCI; we anticipate that these may be split into individual key themes given strategic importance to NCI). NCI completed a governance review in 2022 and this will inform the governance part of the strategic review.

• Influence, engagement and awareness (capacity building, influence and how we communicate)

• Original research (advancing the study of natural capital)

• Membership (how we organise, support and strengthen member groups)

Applications due by March 3, 2023. Update: Applications have now closed as the deadline has passed).

You can read full details of our requirements and find details of how to apply by downloading a PDF of the full tender document HERE.

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