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Make a submission toward Ireland's review of the Sustainable Development Goals

The Department of the Environment, Climate & Communications is now inviting submissions from stakeholders for inclusion in Ireland’s 2023 Voluntary National Review (VNR) as part of a collection of stakeholder inputs on the status of our progress on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Ireland is due to present its review to the United Nations High Level Political Forum in July 2023, with a build-up to a major SDG summit in September as part of SDG Week. The theme for Ireland’s 2023 VNR is ‘Building Back Better While Leaving No One Behind’ - so have your say now.

Questions to consider in relation to a submission include:

  • What are you/your organisation/your sector doing to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

  • What are your/your organisation's key observations related to Ireland’s SDG implementation?

  • What would you/your organisation suggest Ireland do to further increase SDG implementation?

  • What is Ireland doing well?

  • What could Ireland improve on?

  • Have you any ideas you would like to share on how Ireland can Build Back Better while Leaving No One Behind?

NCI submitted our views on how Ireland's implementation of the SDGs would be enhanced by the holistic, integrated approach that natural capital accounting on a national level would provide - you can read that submission here, and we will publish our follow-up views for the VNR in due course.

Send submissions of up to 800 words on how Ireland is doing on the SDGs until 5:30 pm on Monday, February 20 via email to

or by post to: SDG Unit, Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, 29–31 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2, D02 X285

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