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Natural Capital Accounting: A Guide For Action by NESC Ireland

NCI facilitated in a series of workshops with the National Economic & Social Council of Ireland (NESC) looking at what is required in order to bring nature into policy decision-making in Ireland. We also delivered a briefing report on embedding the natural capital approach in Irish policy which been published alongside this guide on accounting for nature.

Poster with images of deer, a waterfall, puffins, a building and a calculator

By request of the Government of Ireland and drawing on in-depth engagement with key stakeholders, facilitated by NCI, NESC Ireland has issued a new report, "Natural Capital Accounting: A Guide for Action".

Three areas of action it identifies are:

Capacity-Building: Identification of actions to enhance Ireland’s work on developing natural capital accounting, building capacity in areas including skills around ecosystem services and spatial mapping, and in using the accounts in national departments, agencies and  local authorities.

Spotlight on Payment for Ecosystems Services Schemes: Examination of the development of PES schemes aimed at supporting the transition in agriculture and land use and supporting farmers in caring for nature, water, forestry, carbon sequestration and a range of other ecosystem services.

Support for Integration: Advice on how to integrate natural capital accounting into the wider policy system.

A rapporteur's report on the accompanying workshops and a briefing report rom NCI research team Emer Ní Dhúill & Iseult Sheehy on 'Valuing and Accounting for Nature in Ireland: Embedding the Natural Capital Approach and Natural Capital Accounting in Irish Policy for the Benefit of People and Planet' have been published on the NESC site also.

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