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Natural Capital Ireland welcomes a new Executive Coordinator, Deirdre Lane

Natural Capital Ireland is delighted to announce the appointment of Deirdre Lane, founder of ShamrockSpring, as our new Executive Coordinator.

A smiling woman in black with long blonde hair and glasses stands in a field with autumnal foliage in the foreground and background.

Deirdre is a highly qualified and experienced financial professional in global markets. Building on her extensive career establishing new commodity markets, she continues to broker knowledge transfers and deliver transparency with grass-top and grass-roots thinkers. 


Weaving multidisciplinary regenerative thinking in circular bioeconomies, Deirdre works with empowering stakeholders and widely sharing eco and energy insights. Her wealth of experience with global and local organisations seeking greener, impactful actions informs her role on a number of regenerative working groups.


With actions to promote regenerative, inclusive and affordable sustainable development, Deirdre has been working creatively to identify meaningful disruptive climate change solutions, from farm to fashion.

Deirdre is also an ambassador for the Circular Economy Institute and the Positive Impact Community.

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