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News: Natural Capital in the Irish Times

Professor Yvonne Buckley, IFNC member and Chair of the Biodiversity Forum, has written an article in the Irish Times explaining how natural capital underpins the economy. The article coincided with the launch of Ireland's new National Biodiversity Action Plan, which features a number of actions that relate to the need to measure, quantify and value our natural assets in order to make better decisions.

"We are comfortable with the concept of other kinds of capital like buildings, roads, ports and money in the bank, which support economic activity and our wellbeing," wrote Prof Buckley. "Natural capital underpins the economy through the provision of goods and services, and, like money in the bank, if you fritter it away it’s gone for good. If you invest wisely and, like roads and ports, if you renew and repair your natural capital it will continue to provide life support systems and economic return."

We'll be publishing a blog on natural capital in the National Biodiversity Action Plan soon, but in the meantime you can read Prof Buckley's article here on the Irish Times website.

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