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Who are the members of the IFNC? Update on the skills, interests and sectors of our 600+ members

Since its inception in 2015, over 600 individuals have registered as members with the Irish Forum on Natural Capital. Here, we break down our diverse membership in terms of their areas of expertise, their key interests and the sectors they are working in.

​As of 9th June 2019, a total of 611 individual have registered as members of the Irish Forum on Natural Capital since the initiative was launched in March 2015. This demonstrates the wide-ranging interest in matters relating to natural capital and the economics of nature. In this blog post, we present charts illustrating the sectors in which members are working, and their declared areas of expertise and interest. These data were collected through the membership registration form.

Interested in registering as a member? Join here. It's free, and you'll receive our monthly newsletter, along with invitations to our regular workshops and seminars. 

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